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По умолчанию spamxays777@exploit.im _PONT@exploit.im RIPPER/SCAMMER yandexxx

addedme after he see i do BLACLIST and offer free loads -
after he send he ask money ;)))

i will post logs and more detail soon ;)
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Я думаю тут все понятно !

Беседа с h3rmes@xmpp.jp на 28.10.2017 18:15:56:
(18:16:02) spamxays777@exploit.im/41912489871509203735755412: before I give it to a man and put it to you, and if I do not answer, I'll give it to others

(18:16:33) spamxays777@exploit.im/8472121251509203792706109: before I give it to a man and put it to you, and if I do not answer, I'll give it to others

(18:16:51) The encrypted message received from h3rmes@xmpp.jp is unreadable, as you are not currently communicating privately.
(18:17:00) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: what?
(18:17:16) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: or u send my 1300 loads or u send back the money
(18:17:59) spamxays777@exploit.im/8472121251509203792706109: 1,2 hour and start


(7:48:00) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: HI
(7:48:07) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: Payment
(7:48:25) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 1Po5MPJ4Sx5aaNrkKkkRWGCS7KsLPk4AaE
(7:48:34) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: is new file
(10:23:19) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: ripper ?
(10:25:45) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:25:46) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:25:48) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:25:49) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:30:47) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:30:47) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:30:47) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:42:53) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:42:53) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:42:53) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:42:54) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:42:54) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:42:54) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:43:01) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 1Po5MPJ4Sx5aaNrkKkkRWGCS7KsLPk4AaE
(10:43:05) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 1Po5MPJ4Sx5aaNrkKkkRWGCS7KsLPk4AaE
(10:43:07) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 1Po5MPJ4Sx5aaNrkKkkRWGCS7KsLPk4AaE
(10:45:34) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: 1380 RUN WHY U CRY AGAIN ?
(10:45:59) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: spamxays777@exploit.im

We are waiting for there will be 2k left a little. And waiting for payment.
(10:46:08) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: + 700
(10:46:14) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 2080
(10:46:43) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: and I need a new crypt file so I can quickly start pouring.

(10:47:34) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 1Po5MPJ4Sx5aaNrkKkkRWGCS7KsLPk4AaE BTC payment
(10:50:21) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: new file ?
(10:50:31) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(10:51:43) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: Download link: http://filestorage.biz/download.php?...e86887fea17f22
(10:56:21) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://uliyoiuunbvv.top/dfgdsf.php?i...fa548bac4c503b
(10:57:28) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: Should I pay for the payment or did you throw?

(11:00:59) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://hacker-forum.biz/index.php?th...er-ripper.118/
(11:02:11) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: ripper.
(11:05:22) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:22) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:22) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:22) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:23) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:23) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:23) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:23) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:23) Зову h3rmes@xmpp.jp...
(11:05:38) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: RIPPER ?
(11:05:45) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: yes
(11:06:05) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: do what u want tired you ask and ask
(11:06:19) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: you have already merged more than 2000 installations and I can not see the payment for the rest of the stream

(11:06:20) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i say i pay at 2000 oads still 1380
(11:06:29) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: lol ska
(11:06:33) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: and i not asked you send 5k i order 2k
(11:06:37) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 700 + 1380
(11:06:41) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 2080
(11:06:50) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so why i am ripper ?
(11:07:05) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: because u want send me 5k ( without my agree)
(11:07:34) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: because the flow is 5k and you do not pay it although yesterday they themselves would say in the stat 1300 and pay. You did not. You either brokered or threw

(11:07:35) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: aslo go cry i am ripper ( but as you not send extra loads ) good luck
(11:07:51) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i can put task with 100k loads
(11:08:02) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: not mean i have them and u will receveid them too
(11:08:36) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: 1st - i asked 100 test (before buy) i send 700 ( i have paid them as im gentelman)
(11:08:47) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: 2nd i order 2k and u disaopear
(11:08:52) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: you said one thing today today! I add you everywhere in a black sheet to add up you 5000 lodas. You threw ...

(11:09:01) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: after i put black u come as big man and say i will send 5k
(11:09:08) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: who say send 5k ?
(11:09:14) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i order 2k
(11:09:28) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so dont cry becoz i wont pay until i see them
(11:09:43) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: ripper
(11:09:48) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://hacker-forum.biz/index.php?th...er-ripper.118/
(11:10:53) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: lol
(11:10:58) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ok np do as you want
(11:11:07) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i will reopen the black in prologic
(11:11:46) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i know you havent 5000 loads in loader - low speed = low bot
(11:11:53) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u just want extra money
(11:11:53) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: hahaha on what you open? The fact that you did not pay for the installation? now sit still write I'll go to the ban on all forums where possible. Kidala

(11:12:06) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: not pay ? not got ?
(11:12:18) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: did i have receveid 5k loads from you ?
(11:12:20) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: NO
(11:12:32) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so until i havent them i dont pay a fuckin $
(11:14:07) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so if u want been paid finish the job
(11:14:10) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: you said yesterday yesterday the one you threw a friend to admit it. The English are all scammers. Money is not enough for them all.

(11:14:32) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: scammer lol
(11:14:39) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: if i scam = u have send order
(11:14:46) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: in this case u have send nothing
(11:15:48) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: 2001 runs i pay
(11:15:52) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: as i say
(11:15:58) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i not change my word
(11:16:02) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: but you yes
(11:18:07) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://obnal-center.us/index.php?thr...-xmpp-jp.1155/
(11:18:31) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: I flooded you for more than 2000 installations so do not breed me here threw golimy.

(11:18:52) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: do what you want
(11:19:30) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: Go fuck off let you bring my loaths of misfortune.

(11:19:51) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: OK
(11:19:57) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: LET THEY LEAVE YOU 5000 LOADS Well, you will be in sin for them.

(11:20:02) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: when u finish load msg me i send your money
(11:20:06) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: have a nice day
(11:20:31) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: bro i know u play killbot on loader)
(11:20:39) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: anyway
(11:20:42) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: do as you want
(11:20:50) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: if i got the loads i will pay
(11:20:55) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: but not before
(11:21:01) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: even u do 10 blacklist
(13:24:58) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: lol
(13:25:07) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: your server down
(13:25:17) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: that why i wanted wait
(13:25:19) h3rmes@xmpp.jp:
(13:44:06) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ok small scammers
(13:44:18) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: wanted got me money before go
(13:44:31) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: that why i have not paid you
(13:44:41) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: flow of installs = u havent anymore
[Image] (13:45:07) h3rmes@xmpp.jp/iMac-de-Rome0-2 завершил(а) защищенный разговор; сделайте то же и вы.
(13:45:15) The following message received from h3rmes@xmpp.jp was not encrypted: [YOUR SERVER DIED]
(13:45:29) The following message received from h3rmes@xmpp.jp was not encrypted: [and u wanted been paid ))))]
(13:45:50) The following message received from h3rmes@xmpp.jp was not encrypted: [dont worry i will made good post in blacklist against you ]
(13:53:14) The following message received from h3rmes@xmpp.jp was not encrypted: [https://prologic.su/topic/11944-pont...ntry56037]
(14:00:22) Your message was not sent. Either end your private conversation, or restart it.
[Image] (14:00:25) Защищенный разговор с h3rmes@xmpp.jp/iMac-de-Rome0-2 окончен.
(14:00:27) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: 1k ?
[Image] (14:00:32) Private conversation with h3rmes@xmpp.jp/iMac-de-Rome0-2 started. Your client is not logging this conversation.
(14:00:35) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: lol ripper 2800
(14:00:46) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: blacklist
(14:01:06) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: do as you want
(14:01:14) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: we will see who tagged at end
(14:02:03) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: 2800–)))
(14:02:16) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: wish u have screen of the 5k loaded if u want claim
(14:02:47) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: and as u not send any more bot i have ordered try got me in black
(14:02:57) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: and i will doing all my blacks too
(14:03:13) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: as you try got money without give loads
(14:03:19) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: mr big mouth
(14:03:26) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u havent 5k too loads
(14:03:32) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: that why i never send money
(14:03:35) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: flow too small
(14:03:36) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: )
(14:03:46) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: 5k -30min if u have in loader
(14:03:47) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: waiting for 800 load $ 50 you threw and you do not have money and wait for your statistics how much you got a load of 2800 loads

(14:03:54) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: bla bla
(14:04:00) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u msg me first too give me free
(14:04:05) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: Okay $ID , blaclist
(14:04:12) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u send 700 and i never asked 700
(14:04:15) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ur problem
(14:04:19) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://hacker-forum.biz/index.php?th...er-ripper.118/
(14:04:21) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: but i have paid 1000
(14:04:23) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: xaxa lol
(14:04:31) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: who care this forum of kids
(14:04:43) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i blacklist you in famous place
(14:04:48) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: = all place tagged
(14:04:56) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: aslo google tagged ripper
(14:05:02) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: you and your clone PONT
(14:05:29) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: hahaha hacker, the most famous forum as naked center a prologic, scored long ago and some scammers out there.

(14:05:37) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: How i can be tagged ripper in forum im not inside ? ))
(14:06:06) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: aslo u register today to made black
(14:06:14) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: becoz u are ripper everywhere)
(14:06:23) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: im not stupid
(14:06:28) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: im not ripper
(14:06:33) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i not own you 1$
(14:06:59) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so fuck off you and your fake 5k
(14:09:01) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: that is your forum man
(14:09:04) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ahahahahhahaha
(14:09:07) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: pathetic
(14:09:13) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: go post on real forum
(14:09:18) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: with post and members
(14:09:20) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ahahahahhah
(14:10:05) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: I all write that you ripper admins and they make a decision on the logs. I threw all the admins full log.

(14:10:49) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://prntscr.com/h3fhzf
(15:00:50) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: BECOZ U NOT PUT FULL LOGS
(15:01:04) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: aslo how he can put me ripper if im not on this forum?
(15:01:39) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: Jabber's missing you

(15:02:14) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: anyway )
(15:02:27) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: this is forum without people
(15:02:34) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i dont care
(15:02:50) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: but prologic ,exploi and verified are good ones
(15:02:55) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: with people inside
(15:03:00) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so say bye too your biz
(15:03:02) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: the second with people and soon they will make a decision, I wrote there too.

(15:03:22) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: they cant im not on this place
(15:03:37) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: y-they wil reply use escrow or deal with verified people on forum)
(15:03:44) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: aslo who steal you something ?
(15:03:51) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u delivered what i have paid
(15:03:59) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: not a single bot more
(15:04:02) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so fuck off
(15:04:06) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u cant put me ripper
(15:04:09) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://prntscr.com/h3fy6p
(15:04:11) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: lol
(15:04:45) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: made claim on forum u and me are
(15:04:55) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: not no people place owned by you
(15:05:20) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://obnal-center.us/index.php lol
(15:05:34) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: im not here
(15:05:37) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: dont xcare
(15:05:42) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: there are more people here than on your prolog

(15:05:55) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i dont care prologic
(15:06:02) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u tgged ripper in exploit.im
(15:06:06) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: verified.vc
(15:06:13) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: maza i do it tonoight
(15:06:21) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: good days
(15:06:24) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: scammer
(15:07:25) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: ahah you threw here and all could not even for 800 load pay that you poured from above. It's bad to be like this....

(15:07:37) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: you not have normal account ?
(15:07:43) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: instead created today
(15:07:44) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: lol
(15:24:34) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: http://obnal-center.us/index.php?thr...lshiters.1156/
(15:24:42) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: WE SEE WO WIN
(15:29:01) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: lol 200$ registration hahaha
(15:29:07) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: pnh
(15:29:34) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: Pay )
(15:31:43) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: https://www.google.ru/search?newwind....0.YhYxWE5L3Kg
(15:31:54) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: google search your jabber = ripper
(15:31:57) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ahahahhahahahaha
(15:32:02) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: bye bye
(15:32:09) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: lol
(15:32:17) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: who ?
(15:32:22) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: you
(15:32:25) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://hpc.name/thread/58714/p1.html
(15:32:31) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: search your jabber + ripper
(15:32:34) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: in google
(15:32:40) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: xaxaxa
(15:34:02) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: lol where my jabber there is a link directly to the topic, let you rotten even can not read.

(15:36:53) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: Nice feedback in HPC
(15:39:57) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: )
(15:40:29) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: you try fucke dme i will ruin your business
(15:40:52) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so finally u have stopped the task on smoke ? ))
(15:40:59) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: fuck you
(15:41:52) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: lol you responded to obnal-center.us, I paid the registration, I have money. But where did you create now, even there, I will achieve your ban.

(15:42:11) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: lol
(15:42:14) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: we will see
(15:50:18) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://prntscr.com/h3gd1j hahaha ripper
(15:53:11) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: http://prntscr.com/h3gdwp Now I'll provide logs and all your jabbers go to ban.

(18:02:36) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: Well again you put the Internet?

(19:36:53) spamxays777@exploit.im/150573391509252405486619: ripper
(19:38:51) h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ok

Тут на форуме продает инсталлы а на prologic, выкупает уважаемая администрация . Прошу выдать данному человеку Бан Он мне еще должен за 800 лоадов деньги. Хватит разводить беспредел как видим по его сообщениям он продает инсталлы. А тут резко хочет выкупить и пока 5000 я ему не солью как он пишет платить не будет не смешно ли ? Прошу выдать особенный статус тс.
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а так же моя стата слива ему 1к за которую он ниже писал блэк
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LOL i have logs with you and you provide Smoke loader stats ;)) Fucker
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oh you clone ?
Ylaka = pycckiu777@zloy.im =spamxays777@exploit.im =PONT@exploit.im
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13:36:19 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: hi
13:36:25 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ready send 100 usa ?
13:36:35 spamxays777@exploit.im: hi yes 40$
Encrypted OTR chat initiated. (13:36:37)
13:36:41 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ok
13:36:45 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: wallet
13:37:47 spamxays777@exploit.im: 1NgissgoGqimg7k5qE9JEXTxeVqrjw5xVB
13:38:32 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: Transaction 38e18af63f06cf762511cfb0f0a162ee7e47cf21bf65c55a3e7b9700b2eb31ef
13:39:41 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: scan link:http://viruscheckmate.com/id/eKuF9mgON67p

13:39:54 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: Download link:http://f
13:41:47 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: send me RIG stats ? or smoke stats ?
13:42:43 spamxays777@exploit.im: Invalid download link.**homeproductsservicesblogaboutcontactCopyright © 2016*FileStorage.biz.
13:42:57 h3rmes@xmpp.jp:
13:43:01 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: valid
13:44:25 spamxays777@exploit.im: status I give out from 1000 installations

13:44:42 spamxays777@exploit.im: start.
13:46:08 spamxays777@exploit.im: stop
13:46:23 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: what?
13:46:40 spamxays777@exploit.im: keep your statistics

13:48:14 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: keep my stats ?
13:48:44 spamxays777@exploit.im: I've already flooded you with 100 lodas.

13:48:54 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: lol
13:48:59 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: 100 usa .?
13:49:02 spamxays777@exploit.im: yes
13:49:11 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: screen of loader?
13:50:33 spamxays777@exploit.im: http://prntscr.com/h885od
13:51:14 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: show stats include country USA and file
13:51:20 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: this wasnt proof
13:51:48 spamxays777@exploit.im: IP
13:51:49 spamxays777@exploit.im: it d
13:51:54 spamxays777@exploit.im: yes country USA
13:52:19 spamxays777@exploit.im:
13:52:21 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: screen
13:52:25 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: whole page
13:52:36 spamxays777@exploit.im: http://prntscr.com/h886pd
13:52:37 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: with my exe size and USA country
13:52:48 spamxays777@exploit.im: http://prntscr.com/h886tg
13:52:57 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: now u send loader stats
13:53:07 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: this is new way u want rip me ?
13:53:26 spamxays777@exploit.im: ip adress ip addresses you look at the fun or you can not see in the statistics?

13:53:45 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: so wwhy my LOADS from kit are int. your loader ?
13:53:53 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: if u infect them now)
13:54:22 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: ok eat the 40$ i will complete the blacklist against you
13:54:30 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: really low life too steal 40$
13:55:45 spamxays777@exploit.im: http://prntscr.com/h888b5
13:55:48 spamxays777@exploit.im: what ?
13:56:09 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: send complete screen stats
13:56:15 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: you not load on my file
13:56:18 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: that old stats
13:56:20 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u screen
13:56:24 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: im not stupid
13:56:38 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: send back the 40$ or i will blacklist all this again
13:57:44 spamxays777@exploit.im: dear look at your statistics, I will not load you with a fig and I gave you full statistics. Take from 1k and give out completely for the whole load. If it does not suit you, it's not my problem. I loaded you 107 lads to your $ 40

13:57:55 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: BLA BLA
13:57:59 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u ripper is confirmed
13:58:03 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: enjoy this 40
13:58:10 spamxays777@exploit.im: from 1000 installations I ship on your stat. To exactly 1000 installed. And not as you are saying here.

13:58:21 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: U CAN ship stats when u do task in live
13:58:26 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u send old stats screen
13:58:31 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: and u want fuck me
13:58:32 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: np)
13:58:38 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i will report all this
13:58:51 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: tired player as you
13:58:52 spamxays777@exploit.im: you threw but not me. I immersed you with the USA and can upload any mix I can do any GEO, but you threw.
13:59:01 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: u doing nothing
13:59:12 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: just wrtie start and stop in 3 sec
13:59:15 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: fuck that
13:59:21 h3rmes@xmpp.jp: i know how this work
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